What can Lilli be hired for?

Our adorable caravan bar is suitable for a wide range of mobile bar services and a variety of event types including weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, Christmas parties, and product launches. She can even be used in a photoshoot. The options are endless!

Where is The Cute Caravan Company based and do you travel?

We are based in Auckland, but our mobile bar services can be available for a road trip.  Travel is charged at the New Zealand business mileage rate at the time of your booking, as well as travel time for the caravan and staff to get to the venue.  We may also request a fee to cover accommodation costs if required. Please contact us and we can create a quote to cover any travel-related expenses.

What do you provide?

If you pick from one of our packages we’ll deliver Lilli the caravan bar to your wedding or event and provide you with bar staff, ice for our ice bins, and styling to ensure Lilli looks her best. We can discuss customising a package for our mobile bar services to suit your needs.

How long does it take to set up?

We like to give ourselves at least an hour for basic set up prior to your event kicking off. But a longer set up time may be required depending on the venue and your requests.

What drinks can be served in your mobile bar? 

We will serve your guests with the beverages you provide us with. This could be bottled beer and cider, wine, champagne and any soft drinks and juices. Do let us know if there is something you would like us to serve that is not listed here. We will provide you with fruit infused water in our drink dispensers. We can also make different drinks to go in our dispensers, like a virgin mojito, if you would like, but this will come at an additional cost.

Does your mobile bar sell alcohol?

No, we do not have a special license. Lilli serves alcohol and drinks supplied by you or your event organiser. This is a bonus as it means no liquor licensing is required, you can pick your favourite drinks, plus you can save money by buying when they are on sale.

How much alcohol will I need?

We can help you to select your drinks and quantities based on the type of event and how many guests you are having.

How are drinks kept chilled in the mobile bar?

We have three large sinks in our caravan which we will fill with your drinks and ice. We will also have extra chilly bins outside of Lilli. We do recommend hiring a chiller trailer or having a fridge or two so that we can store and keep the rest of your drinks nice and cold.

Can you serve coffee and tea? 

Please get in contact with us if this is an option you would like. We would need to have access to an electrical outlet for this to set up our hot water urn and table for a tea & coffee station. .

What kind of glassware do you have? 

Our glassware is premium crystal SCHOTT ZWIESEL. We have seriously gorgeous champagne flute glasses, stemless wine glasses and high-ball glasses in this range. Guests are encouraged to reuse the glasses we provide and if you need additional glassware we can assist you with recommendations. We suggest beers, cider and RTDs are served in the bottle.

Please note, when it is time for us to pack up at the end of your wedding or event, we will provide your guests with disposable cups (an hour before service finishes) so we can collect up all of our glasses and avoid additional charges for missing glassware..

Can you serve tap beer? 

No. We currently do not have the equipment to serve tap beer.

Does your mobile bar need to be hooked up to power and water? 

No, we can provide stylish battery and solar powered lighting. Plus, drinking water will be provided for your guests.

Do you offer table service? 

We prefer to serve from Lilli the caravan bar at your wedding or party. This is fantastic for you as your guests will get up from their table and have fun mingling with other guests. It can also help to keep alcohol costs and waste down with people not being constantly topped up. Our staff will move around, picking up our empty glasses. We also offer a tidy up service of bottles, cans, disposables, let us know if you would like this quoted. Please get in contact if you would like table service during particular parts of your event.

Can your caravan bar attend a party at a park?

Yes. However, you are required to obtain relevant permissions and permits from council and landowners.

How long can I hire Lilli the caravan bar for?

Our packages go up to eight hours, but we can stay for as long as you need, at an additional cost. Check out our packages.

Are there any requirements for service?

Our caravan bar requires a flat or gently sloping ground for us to set up and serve from. We also need clear access to the site upon setup and when we leave the location. Lilli is pretty flexible. She has even travelled in a lift before!

Do you have public liability insurance?

Yes we do.

How much does it cost to hire Lilli the caravan bar?

Check out our pricing page to see our deals. We can tailor our quotes for our mobile bar services to suit your needs. Please note, we will not be able to guarantee your booking date until we receive your 30% non-refundable deposit.

Do you take away empties?

No, sorry we just do not have the space in our wee caravan. We recommend you provide designated areas at your event for empty bottles to be discarded.

What happens at the end of the night?

Once the agreed serving hours are complete we will do a quick tidy of the bar and our area and will offer guests disposable cups so we can collect up our glassware if you have hired them. If the party is still going and we are due to leave we will transfer our stock to a nearby drink station for the guests to continue to enjoy although this will depend on the venues rules.

What are Lilli the caravan bar’s dimensions?

Our caravan bar is 4m long, is 1.9m wide and is 2.2m high.

Do you require a bond?

Yes, we require a minimum $300 bond. This will be fully refunded to you unless there is damage done to our equipment or caravan. We will retain the amount that is required to cover any damage-related costs or cover any costs for replacement glassware that were broken or missing. Please note that dry hire bonds are higher and dependant on certain requirements.