“TCCC” and The Cute Caravan Company means The Cute Caravan Company (2017) Ltd, which is owned by Marc and Renee Oliver.

“We”, “us” and “our” means The Cute Caravan Company (2017) Ltd.

“You”, “your” and “hirer” means the customer identified in the quotation or invoice.

1. Terms

1.1 These terms apply to the hire of ‘Lilli’ the caravan and other equipment by any person (“hirer”) from The Cute Caravan Company (2017) Ltd – (Company no. 4465121) (“The Cute Caravan Company”).

1.2 These terms override and are in substitution for any terms stipulated or referred to in writing or orally by the hirer.

1.3 Nobody claiming to act on The Cute Caravan Company’s behalf is authorised to waive or change these terms orally. Waivers or changes are effective only if made in writing and signed on The Cute Caravan Company’s behalf.

2. Quotations and confirmation of bookings

2.1 We will send you a quotation by email or in writing. We reserve the right to amend our quotation up to the day of the hirer’s booking.

2.2 You are requested to respond straight away to secure your booking.

3. Fees and payment

3.1 A booking fee (“Booking Fee/deposit”) of 30% of the total hire cost (excluding the bond) is payable, within 7 days, when TCCC accepts the hirer’s booking or when the hirer accepts TCCC quote for a booking (whichever is the earlier).

3.2 The balance of the charges due to The Cute Caravan Company are payable 30 days before the date of hire.

3.3 A bond may be requested by TCCC on top of the total hire cost. The bond may be used by The Cute Caravan Company to pay for missing items or any damage to the caravan and/or equipment during hireage. This includes all glassware and all other items required for the hiring, as well as the caravan and all vehicles needed for the hire period. Replacement of the damaged or missing goods is based on current retail value or the cost to remake/fix the broken item or items. There may be an additional fee to pay if the replacement cost is more than the bond. Please ask if you need further clarification prior to making your booking.

3.4 The hirer is required to pay The Cute Caravan Company on demand for:

(a) any equipment which are not made available for collection or which are not returned by the due date;

(b) the cost of repairing damage to the caravan or other pieces of equipment which occurred during the hire period

(c) the cost of replacing pieces of equipment or the caravan which are damaged, destroyed, lost or otherwise require replacement as a result of damage or loss which occurs during the period of hire, or while the caravan and/or other pieces of equipment are in the hirer’s care, provided that where the damage or loss is covered by insurance arranged through The Cute Caravan Company the maximum liability of the hirer for the caravan and other pieces of equipment which are lost, damaged beyond repair or destroyed will be the insurance excess on The Cute Caravan Company’s policy.

3.5 The failure of either party to enforce any provision of this agreement shall not be construed as a waiver of limitation of that party’s right to subsequently enforce and compel strict compliance with every provision of this agreement. Failure to pay will incur interest and legal fees if necessary. TCCC reserves the right to terminate the hiring at any stage in the event of the client failing to comply with any of these “Terms and Conditions”, or committing any act or omission which in the opinion of TCCC and/or its staff prejudices its rights, to the safety of staff and/or any equipment. Overdue accounts including additional fees for damages, loss, breakages and replacements will incur a penalty interest charge of 10% per calendar month on the total overdue account.

4. Set up and removal

4.1 The Cute Caravan Company will:

(a) deliver Lilli the caravan bar to your wedding or event and provide you with bar staff, premium crystal glassware, ice for our ice bins, and styling;

(b) set up Lilli the caravan and equipment on site;

(c) remove Lilli the caravan bar and associated equipment from your wedding or event.

5. Cancellation charges

5.1 If you cancel a booking, cancellation charges may apply as follows:

(a) If notice of cancellation is given more than 90 days before the date of the start of the hire and The Cute Caravan Company is able to rehire Lilli the caravan on similar terms, then The Cute Caravan Company will refund the Booking Fee less an amount to cover reasonable administration charges.

(b) If notice of cancellation is given before the date of the start of the hire and The Cute Caravan Company is not able to rehire Lilli the caravan on similar terms, then The Cute Caravan Company may keep the Booking Fee.

(c) In addition to the cancellation charges payable under clause 5.1, the hirer may at The Cute Caravan Company’s discretion be required to pay for any costs charged by other suppliers who have been booked for the cancelled hire.

6. Warranties and limitation of liability

6.1 The Cute Caravan Company shall not be liable in any way whatsoever to the hirer or any third party, whether in tort (including negligence), contract or otherwise, for any loss or damage whatsoever, whether direct, indirect, special, or consequential, and all such liability is expressly excluded. The TCCC takes no responsibility for any injury to any party through breakages of items or other accidents during the hire period.

6.2 TCCC will not take any responsibility if we are unable to access the property.

6.3 The hirer understands and agrees that TCCC shall not be responsible or held liable in the event TCCC is prohibited from providing services due to illness, hospitalisation, auto accident, transportation breakdown/disruption, traffic difficulties, acts of God such as hurricanes or inclement weather, or other unforeseen incapacitation or other cause of non-arrival on the hire day.

7. Hire period

7.1 Our standard hire period is for six hours. Please let us know if you require a longer or shorter hire period and an amendment will be made to the standard booking.

7.2 The hire date, time or location may not be changed without first contacting and advising the TCCC of the said changes to determine if TCCC is still available to provide services. If changes are made and TCCC is unavailable to provide services then the TCCC is released from all contracts and obligations, and shall in no way be held responsible or liable in any manner whatsoever for non-performance. The hirer also forfeits the deposit/full payment for non-compliance with this agreement.

8. Ownership

8.1 Ownership of Lilli the caravan and all associated equipment remains with The Cute Caravan Company and will not pass to the hirer.

8.2 If the hire charges are not paid by the due date or if The Cute Caravan Company believes that the caravan or equipment may be at risk of being damaged, then The Cute Caravan Company may enter any premises where the caravan or equipment are situated and take possession of the caravan and equipment.

9. Additional conditions

TCCC reserves the right to take/use/release all photographs, videos or other recording media in which TCCC is in, or a part of. The hirer releases all photographs of the TCCC for viewing and/or to be used for promotion on websites and social media. The hirer acknowledges that this is for promotional purposes only and will not expect compensation of any kind. There shall be no expiration period for this permission.